Your Missed E-Mails

Dream of the joys to come, and hold tight to the joys that are here. Life is short. Read fast.

Whatever the need of the moment, our feelings, our suffering, and our hopes, answers are in Scripture. If we take the time to search for guidance in life, the Bible has something to say to us.

God expects us to have good fun and amusement in our lives. My writings are to be fun in reading, yet thought provoking, which will challenge you to reach for the best and fulfill your potential. Some family members and friends who had a phrase, “I missed that e-mail,” which provided the ideas for Your Missed E-Mails, inspired this book. I have filled Your Missed E-Mails with humor, faith, inspiration, spirituality, quotes, my commentaries of familiar and unfamiliar topics, and commentaries from others. All topics are alphabetically in the “Search Index” for ease of use. Those e-mails received with an “Author” and those that stated “Author Unknown” credited accordingly. Other e-mails received that contained materials that did not identify to any author or unknown author I expanded the articles with my thoughts correcting for spelling, grammar, and fragmented sentences. Many of my writings started long before I knew about e-mail and computers.

Basic, practical, and filled with the timeless wisdom of the Bible and commitment to faith, such as the Ten Commandants, this delightful book offers a road map to succeed in the daily journey of life by giving you thoughtful and meaningful information for you to make your own decisions in life while enjoying healthy good fun and amusement. The section on “Politicians” and “Politics” is to encourage voters to become proactive by voting, supporting those who best represent your viewpoints, and serving America above self-interest with commitment of courage, duty, and honor.

Our Homeland, One Nation under God, United we Stand as One People, We Are Americans!